Connect With Your Spiritual History

Connect With Your Spiritual History

Visit our spirituality center in Texarkana, TX

If you're seeking a cultural connection to where you came from, connecting with your spiritual side can be an amazing experience. The African House is a spirituality center located in Texarkana, TX. We want to give you a sense of where you came from and help you develop a deeper spiritual connection.

We're ready to welcome you into our community-stop by today to learn more about our principles.

Guiding your spiritual life

As a cultural and spirituality center, we want to help you connect with others, yourself and your ancestors on a deeper level. We can help you learn about:

  • The 42 Divine Principles of Ma'at
  • The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa
  • Living according to these principles

With a real connection and understanding of these principles, you can discover a new kind of spirituality in your life.

We won't leave you to pursue this spirituality on your own-we're also proud of our spirituality community. You'll be a part of a great community built on support for each other. Call 903-556-3193 today if you have any questions about our spirituality community.