Discover African Culture and History

The African House is an African culture center in Texarkana, TX

The African House is the first African culture center in Texarkana, TX. We want to serve our community as an educational resource on culture, history, holistic medicine and spiritual healing. Whether you're interested in learning, or you want to help our team, we always have new opportunities available.

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Teaching history and culture

Teaching history and culture is an incredible way to bring a community together. We're an African culture center that prioritizes education, spirituality and connecting with the past. Just a few of the topics we cover are:

The history of slavery

Egyptian culture and history

The history of Black Wall Street

The 42 Divine Principles of Ma'at

The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa

Our spirituality center is a place where you can learn about different beliefs and find what resonates with you. Our owner follows the principle of Ma'at and connects with the text "in my father's house of many mansions." To him, this means he should provide an African heritage center that helps people find spiritual, cultural and health-related growth. If you have any questions about our center, contact us today.

Bringing holistic health to the forefront

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